Whenever you rent a car, there are several ways to protect yourself against an auto accident or theft while you’re driving the vehicle. Many credit cards offer this type of supplemental insurance coverage, as does the car rental company itself. But did you know that your auto insurance policy may give you the coverage you need? The Brevard auto insurance agents at Jerome and Summey Insurance Agency have the facts you need to know.

Does your credit card offer protection? Check the benefits provided by each of your credit cards. In many instances, if you charge your car rental to a particular card, you’ll be covered by a type of secondary insurance that will work along with your auto policy.

Should you accept the rental company’s policy? You’ll have to provide proof of insurance before you rent a vehicle. While you’re signing the agreement, most rental companies will try to get you to buy special coverage to pay for any damage sustained to the vehicle. Although the charge may be small, it may not be necessary due to your car insurance. You should call your insurance agent or refer to your policy to see if rental car coverage is included.

As with any situation involving your insurance, it pays to know your policy. Make sure your rental car is covered while avoiding unnecessary charges.¬†Jerome and Summey Insurance Agency is here to assist you with all your Brevard auto insurance needs. We’ll explain the different types of auto insurance and help you find the coverage that’s right for you. Request a quote today!