If you want to drive your car, you’ll need to make sure your coverage meets North Carolina’s auto insurance requirements. But while it’s true that you have to have a minimum amount of insurance on your vehicle, what’s less certain is the price you’ll have to pay for it. While many factors determine your premium, there are average figures that can give you a good idea of what it will cost. Jerome and Summey Insurance Agency offers auto insurance near you in Brevard, NC and we want you to know the following about the average costs for auto insurance in North Carolina:

What Is North Carolina’s Average Cost for Auto Insurance?

The average driver in North Carolina will pay approximately $986 each year for auto insurance. This puts our state below the national average of $1311. While this means you’ll likely get your auto policy at a more economical rate than you would in other states, keep in mind that this is only an average. Depending on your vehicle, your specific coverage needs, and other factors, your policy may be either more or less expensive. Your agent will be able to help you sort through the different types of auto insurance and recommend what’s best for you.

What Affects Your Insurance Rates?

Insurance companies consider many factors to determine your auto coverage costs. Local crime rates, average commute times, and other statistics for your place of residence will affect the cost of insurance. However, your rates also depend on your age, your driving record, and other personal factors. Using this information, an agency offering car insurance near you will find the right balance of coverage and cost.

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