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Tips for Winter Road Safety

Here at Jerome and Summey Insurance Agency, we want you to get the most enjoyment out of the winter season. If you have travel planned over the next few months, we want you to make it to your destination without harm. Here are some winter road safety tips from your...

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What Is Term Life Insurance?

The fact that there are different types of life insurance is a challenge for lots of people. Before you choose your coverage, it's important that you become better informed about each of your options. While whole life insurance policies are a popular option, you may...

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What Is Whole Life Insurance?

Life insurance serves a very important purpose, especially for families. When you start to look at policies, you'll quickly realize that there are different types of life insurance. The two most common are term life insurance and whole life insurance. Today, Jerome...

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What Are Common Reasons for Car Insurance Claims?

If you drive long enough, you're almost guaranteed to have one or more car insurance claims along the way. Wouldn't it be great if you could reduce your chances of having an accident in the first place? Jerome and Summey Insurance Agency can't keep all wrecks from...

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3 Reasons You Need Life Insurance

You hear about life insurance all the time. But much too often, people don't take advantage of the protections these policies provide. Life insurance is beneficial at any age. If you're still unsure why this is a good financial decision, check out these three reasons...

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4 Common Causes of Summer Car Insurance Claims

Are you spending more time on the road this summer? Whether you're going on vacation or traveling for work, you're not alone. But the more miles you drive mean the greater your chances of an accident – even for the safest drivers. However, there is some good news. You...

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5 Common North Carolina Home Insurance Claims

Even though you have home insurance, it's something you hope you'll never have to use. But even though none of us like to think about the worst case scenario, it does help you to be prepared if disaster ever does strike. A good place to start is by considering the...

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4 Reasons Why Flood Insurance Is Important

Flooding is a common springtime problem, especially in the mountains of Western North Carolina. While not all instances of flooding are truly disastrous, they can cause a lot of damage to your home. This is why you need to have flood insurance, especially since your...

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