The end of 2017 is fast approaching. As you begin to make plans for the new year, consider doing a review of your current insurance policies, especiallyo your car insurance. Here are some tips from Jerome and Summey Insurance Agency on how to get your auto insurance in Brevard, NC in good shape before 2018 arrives:

  • Make sure your policy is adequate – Car insurance is essential for any driver. Make sure you have auto insurance to protect yourself, your passengers, and your property. Verify that your policy is paid up and that you have the minimum requirements for coverage under your state’s laws.
  • Figure up your car’s value and age – You may be able to update certain coverage options based on the age and current value of your car. Always make sure you get advice from your personal insurance agent before you request any changes to your policy.
  • Ask about new discounts – Every year, many insurance companies create new incentive plans or discounts for their clients. Always ask an agent about these discounts during your end-of-year review. Be sure to consider taking advantage of any discounts you qualify for on your policy.
  • Do you have any new drivers in your household? – Did your teenager just get a driver’s license? Make sure they’re listed on your auto insurance policy. Talk with your personal insurance agent about adding them to your current policy or about establishing a new policy in their name. Whatever you decide to do, always explain the importance of auto insurance to your new driver.

Call Jerome and Summey Insurance Agency if you need assistance with an end-of-year review of your auto insurance policy. We’ll give you guidance and advice on changes and additions to your current policies. When you need health, life, home, or auto insurance in Brevard, NC, we’ll find you the best policy. Request a quote today!